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Hey there! My name is Jay /Pisces/Non Binary/18/ They/Their/Them pronouns please

I hail from Edinburgh in Scotland. On this blog you will see lots of Homestuck, Broadway and Musicals as well as Madoka Magica, Dangan Ronpa, Pokemon and Star Wars. Not to mention various other things I think are cute =w=

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Ok so I was walking past a French Classroom during my free period and there was A NEPETA ON THE WALL. I checked with all my homestuck friends in the school and it was none of them so that must mean that there is a wild Homestuck lurking around. I really want to find them! If you go to Broughton High School in Edinbugh, Scotland and you drew a Nepeta for  French Classroom’s wall send us an ask!

4:48pm · Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 · 18 notes
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